Clash Of Clans Guidelines

If you are new to the world of clash of clans and wondering how to get started with this interesting and engrossing game, then first step is to install it in your Android phone or computer system by using serveur privé coc apk telechargement gratuit. Once you get started, you should learn some best kept secrets related to clash of clans which can help you to improve your game.

Points To Remember While Playing

  • Since, it is a game involving building and protecting your village and at the same time attacking other’s villages, be prepared that you will also be attacked by other players when your shield is down and you are away. You can review the players who defaced your village and attack them as revenge.This can be advantageous for you since you can take a look at their village and accordingly plan the attack.
  • If you are offline, even then a large number of troops can be queued to train. Queuing troops in such manner may require spending the elixir. This will result in banking the elixir safely and hence it can be saved from any attacker. Whenever you are online, you can cancel these troops which were queued and the elixir which was banked can be recouped.
  • It is not very tough to reach 3 stars which can earn you 450 gems. While playing in the low level, you must look for villages in which the town hall is built outside their walls. Now this can be easy for you to take down such building which can earn you some trophies and a star.
  • The hero you use to guard your village should be given rest. So, it is better to put it sleep mode when you do not require so that it remains fully charged. And whenever you need it for raiding some village or protecting you own village, toggle it to guard mode.

August 23, 2017

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